Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two months in...

It's hard to believe but two full months have already passed since my little man Jack first joined the world...

I'm happy to report that he and his mommy and daddy are all doing well. Naturally, Tami and I haven't slept much, but that's part of the drill... and we were certainly warned well in advance (though experiencing it is a *far* cry from simply being told about it).

There's countless little things in being a new dad that I could go on and on about at length, and I may very well do so at some point, but for now I'll simply say this:

I *love* being a dad.

And the devoted dads reading this will surely know of what I speak - in a sense, you really do have to experience it for yourself to really know just how amazing it is. But I've never felt as proud or accomplished or overjoyed at anything as I have in fatherhood. It takes so much out of you and yet it gives you twice as much back to you in return.

More ramblings and musings later. This dad has been taking his own dad, son, wife, and new stepmom to all the fun touristy places 'round LA this week with more to come. Time to grab some z's while Jack will let me...


- M

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