Monday, August 11, 2008

At four months...

Yep. It's already been that long. I can hardly believe it, but here's another round of random musings, thoughts, and observations from yours truly.

For starters…

He's big. No, really. BIG. Hauling him around in his car-seat is seriously toning up my left arm. It's one of the most absolutely clich├ęd things that parents have said for as long as any of us can probably remember but it's completely true – "they grow up so fast".

I mean, Jack's been outgrowing clothes almost from the time we brought him home from the hospital, but when I look at him now… he's just not so "little" anymore. He can hold his head up (and steadily at that) and he's already getting the hang of rolling over and such. He's almost outgrown his basonette (sp), and when I pick him up he just feels like he's actually got some weight to him.

He's out of that very first phase I suppose, that "brand spanking new" phase where he just seems so tiny and fragile. And the next phase he'll be coming into will undoubtedly be the same – lots of work with lots of reward.

I've been told by other parents that this stage of his first year is one of the most memorable, and even now as we're just getting into the thick of it I can see why that's true. The first inklings of his personality are really starting to take shape. He's found his voice and to hear him laugh is utterly flipping priceless. They said there's nothing more infectious than a child's laughter – man is that ever so true.

I'll take a moment here to count my blessings. Having a healthy child is all that I or my wife ever wanted in Jack, but we're fortunate to have an extra kicker – we, for the most part, have a "happy" baby. I've seen young kids who literally do nothing but scream and fuss their brains out every time that I see them. Not Jack. As I mentioned, he's quite the laugher and it doesn't take much to coerce a smile out of the kid. Hell, even if I just smile at him he'll smile right back more than half of the time.

Laughter and smiles aside, he's progressing along quite nicely… holding his head up nice and strong, following sound and movement and such, and he's slowly getting the hang of rolling over, sitting up, etc. He's still finding his hands and feet and it won't be long before the young lad is… (eek!) mobile. Dear oh dear. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

But you begin to see patterns and certain behaviors and such even at such a young age. It really is amazing. He has no idea he's doing it (consciously at least) but even now he knows how to pluck the parental strings when he wants to. I *know* when his fussing is for real and when it's just for show. Little stinker…

I'm told that teething is just around the corner… and that it can be a fate worse than death to deal with sometimes. Today was a banner day in the "let's fuss my brains out" department and I have the inkling that his first set of chompers may have a culprit. The doctor can confirm it for me later this week; I'm already armed to the teeth (pun intended) with the rings and such to remedy any issues the little man may encounter.

And even now, I still don't get much sleep. A typical day begins between 8 and 9 in the morning and ends (for me at least) somewhere around midnight. He keeps me on my toes during the day, giving me maybe an hour or two at the most to get any job-related work done. The majority of that I tackle after Tami and I swap roles when she gets home from work in the evening. It's tiring sometimes and even a tad stressful here and there, but everything worth getting done gets done in the end and we three make the most of our time together even when it's a bit on the fleeting side.

I wouldn't change a thing though. After all, I'm having nothing short of a blast… and I don't imagine that blast will be over any time soon.

Time for some rest…


- M

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