Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KNRJ Phoenix | 2002-2008

As some of you may know by now, Energy 92.7 & 101.1's dance-oriented format that broadcasts to the Phoenix area (as well as online) will be leaving the airwaves this coming Friday.

Being one of the few formats of its type on FM radio here in the US, this is obviously a bit of a blow to those of us who love and support this subset of music that's so rarely embraced by the mainstream airwaves. Sadly, KNRJ is hardly the first case of its sort in recent years - it joins the ranks of many a great radio station with similar formats that have all said farewell in recent years.

Such is the nature of radio though. It's a business, and like any business (especially in these tough economic times), it ultimately comes down to doing whatever is necessary to thrive. Formats come and go and change for any number of reasons, and those of us who work in this industry know that it's a possibility at any given moment.

My very first set for Energy aired on the last day of 2005 to help usher in the new year, and I've been grateful to be a part of Energy (and its sister station Mega) on Saturday nights ever since. To those of you who've tuned in locally or online to hear me do my thing, I'd like to say thanks for the support, feedback, input, and kind words over the past few years. I sincerely appreciate them all.

A special bit of thanks also goes out to Energy's long time mixshow coordinator/guru DJ Perry for bringing me on board in the first place. Very much obliged homie; we'll have to do it again sometime.


- M

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DJ Choppercat said...

Wow, that stinks. Maybe San Francisco, my town, could find your show a home. Good to know you are on XM 81 BPM and your sets are available for download from your blog. Hope your blog doesn't go away, soon. Happy Halloween, from

wesley m.
aka DJ Choppercat
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