Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FULL TILT REMIX - Volume 16 - On Sale NOW!

Just a quick blog here for the deejays out there to let you know that Volume 16 of FULL TILT REMIX is out and on sale now!

We’ve got another fresh selection of radio-friendly and DJ-ready tracks of today’s BIGGEST multiformat hits ready to roll, complete with our signature DJ tools like our loop and break tracks as well as a hip-hop CLASSIC from 1998 that’s been revamped FTR style!

You can get YOURS today simply by visiting where you can check out the full track-listing, audio clips, and ordering info for this and all of our FTR releases.

Big thanks as always for the continued support! Flashbacks Vol 2 will be coming shortly, and we’ve got another great installment of tracks and remixes lined up for Volume 17 (due early April).

Marcus McBride
Production Director
Full Tilt Remix LLC
800-477-1583 x 701

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